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Monday, April 2, 2012

Red Temptation (Excercise)

Hi everyone!
This post is to hopefully committing and posting a lot more often.
My purpose and objective is to really commit to practicing and improving my art level for all art forms I love doing really. Being sketching, drawing, painting, sculpting (real life and 3D sculpting) and anything in between. And at the same time, receiving feedback to have a better view of all angles to how I can improve.
To restart my posts in my sketchbook, I’ve decided to finish this piece. It was originally an exercise from a seminar I attended in Mexico called “Objective, Hollywood: the 10 techniques used in visual effects for the film industry”. Basically the goal of this exercise was to try and achieve realism, painting from a photo reference as a guide and try to get it as close to the real photo as possible. This was made in Photoshop.
I know it’s not the most amazing piece, nor the most original thing out there (the original picture has been seen so many times all over the place). But I decided I should finish what I’ve started, and start like that with all other projects that I’ve left pending overtime. And then from there pick it up and do more ambitious projects one step at a time.
C&C are most welcome.
Thanks for reading.

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